Showing off can cost a lot!

I see a lot of crazy shit on the road, most of which is vehicle related. Last night was no exception. I have a dashcam, not the best mind you, but it does it’s job! This video shows me driving along, about 60mph in NV, just outside Reno, when all of a sudden, here comes two hot-rodder show offs, obviously not paying attention, because they didn’t see the truck ahead of me changing lanes to pass someone! It was VERY, VERY close! I watched in horror, waiting for a multiple vehicle pile up with flying debris, to unfold before my eyes! If you notice, you will see my 4way flashers in the video, I was ready! Here is the video link, please try to watch this short account of how showing off COULD have cost lives! ~

If the player did not function, please try this direct link to the video file(.webm format btw!): and follow through and ignore the security warnings, the SSL cert is owned by my hosting package, not by me, so it warns you 😉

MP4 version LINK:

Now keep in mind, this dashcam is not the best, and so the perspective YOU get, as you watch, will not convey the full blown “scariness” or “horror” of me watching all of this from my seat! The distortion, and speed discount the actual details, like the fact that these two clowns were going well over 70mph! :O


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