Looking for Mac & Cheese ideas?

I just came across this discussion about favorite cheese blends, for making Macaroni & Cheese. Well, since Mac & Cheese is simple, so I thought, I had to read it, to see just how much could be discussed about a 3 or 4 ingredient dish, and was delighted! I learned more about actual blending, to make your signature dish, stand out! Enjoy the link! 🙂

Hi Chowhounds,

I made a batch of mac and cheese this weekend which used equal parts extra sharp cheddar, gruyere, and brie. The consistency of the bechemel sauce and ratio of sauce to pasta was perfect, but we were disappointed with the overall flavor – it lacked “bite” and cheese interest. (Other ingredients included a little fresh thyme and scant teaspoon of grated fresh nutmeg.)

Does anyone have a favorite blend of cheeses to create an outstanding homemade mac and cheese? I’m looking to try again once my arteries have cleared out!




Pondering the concept of my shoe ordering it’s own replacement! (iot)

As I sit here, blindly excited about the possible, prospective, stock investments of the future, with regard to “The Internet of Things (IoT)“, a few musings conjure up. We can’t even perfect trucking dispatch, organize groups fast & efficiently, find damaged water lines, or other infrastructure anomalies, but yet, in the relatively near future, your shoe will be able to order it’s own replacement from Amazon, and then have it delivered within a few hours via a drone. How scary is that?

What else can a “IoT” enabled shoe device do? Hmmmm….. send daily data to your mobile device, telling you how many miles you walked, or that you gained 1.3333 lbs.? What about physiological, or Biological telemetry? Will it know that you have Athlete’s Foot, or your odor eaters need replacement too? What if you step in a puddle of water, will it activate a Peltier device to both warm your foot, and dry your sock/shoe? The list can go on! And it’s only a freaking shoe! :O

What other ties will we, or our clothing, appliances, vehicles, even sunglasses, have with the “outer world”, or our environment, surroundings? Will “The Big Giant Head” process, and manipulate our every move, and lessen our decisions? Will we indeed, “dumb down”? So much to consider, and yet, it IS fascinating, isn’t it? 😉

The really deep concern I have, is what happens if an EMI attack occurs, or a meteorite fucks up a few States? What “control” and/or communication, will these devices, and their networks have, or use? We are concerned NOW about the power grid being brought down, or sabotaged! I mean seriously, keep in mind, our National “infrastructure” is what, 50 years old, and dilapidated already! Bridges, Power Lines & Grids, Water mains, and what about Washington D.C.?! (LOL).

Are “We the People” ready to superimpose a whole new, much more complicated, and imbedded “X-Frastructure”, across the land, in our homes, and above and below our mattresses? Really? STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!

OK, time for another sip of Espresso……

Search multiple classified ads, auctions, and more in one place!

I just came across this website, and before I forget to mention, it is not mobile ready, meaning, you can pull it up on your cell phone, but it will be tiny text, it is not “responsive” in so far as it does NOT go into an actual mobile format.


The website is Search Tempest, and works very well, so far as  can tell, I have not played with it fully yet, as I am really needing to pack, and hit the road, but wanted to post this great site here! 🙂

Their meta description tag reads:Search by state, by driving distance, or just search all of craigslist*, eBay and more. The most trusted classifieds search engine. (*We’re not affiliated with craigslist.)

Showing off can cost a lot!

I see a lot of crazy shit on the road, most of which is vehicle related. Last night was no exception. I have a dashcam, not the best mind you, but it does it’s job! This video shows me driving along, about 60mph in NV, just outside Reno, when all of a sudden, here comes two hot-rodder show offs, obviously not paying attention, because they didn’t see the truck ahead of me changing lanes to pass someone! It was VERY, VERY close! I watched in horror, waiting for a multiple vehicle pile up with flying debris, to unfold before my eyes! If you notice, you will see my 4way flashers in the video, I was ready! Here is the video link, please try to watch this short account of how showing off COULD have cost lives! ~

If the player did not function, please try this direct link to the video file(.webm format btw!): https://soapintrucker.net/DR190943_2.webm and follow through and ignore the security warnings, the SSL cert is owned by my hosting package, not by me, so it warns you 😉

MP4 version LINK: http://soapintrucker.net/DR190943.mp4

Now keep in mind, this dashcam is not the best, and so the perspective YOU get, as you watch, will not convey the full blown “scariness” or “horror” of me watching all of this from my seat! The distortion, and speed discount the actual details, like the fact that these two clowns were going well over 70mph! :O